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N-TRAK modules are typically 48 inches long and 24 to 36 inches deep. They have three common tracks that provide lots of main line action, and plenty of room for custom scenery.

oNe-TRAK modules are typically 48 inches long and 12 to 18 inches deep. These modules carry a single main track and are great for branch line operations. This smaller size allows for easier transport and a great way for beginners to learn modeling basics.

Let's meet our members and their modules.

Member Module(s) Notes
John A.

Engine Service

John prefers to model his fictional railroad IMRL, but enjoys the real roads of BNSF and MRL. He likes painting and detailing engines and participating in operating sessions. John joined CINTRAK in 2012.
Alex A.
Abandoned Shed

Rock Ridge

Alex joined CINTRAK in 2014.
Mark A. Mark became a member of CINTRAK in 2015.
Jeremy B. Jeremy became a member of CINTRAK in 2016.
Matt B. Matt became a member of CINTRAK in 2015.
Mike B.

Aidan B.
Container Harbor


Aidan likes to model Amtrak trains. His current favorites are the Acela Express, Empire Builder, and Auto Train. He is also discovering the joy of operations and making station stops along the layouts. Aidan has been a member since 2012.
Chad B.
Access Hill

Country Lane

Petrol Junction

Roundhouse Corner

Sand-Lot Corner

Scenic Overlook

Vineyard Junction

Chad is interested in the Great Northern Railroad. He enjoys learning about the basics of model railroading. Chad has been a member since 2012.
Brian B.


Rick C.

Voodoo Magic

Rick has a personal tie to his favorite railroad, PC (Penn Central). His grandfather worked for "Pennsy". After his grandfather's death in 1968, Rick was given cab rides to Freeman Field, and Austin, IN for switching moves. Crews returning to Columbus would drop Rick at his grandmothers house in Seymour. Rick has been a member of CINTRAK since 1986.
Tom F.
NC Coal Mine

Tom F.


RR of the Week

Rich G.
Double Decker

Rich loves bullet trains and frequently runs the high speed service around his Tokyo layout. Rich loves appealing to the kids and includes Godzilla, Robots or Rockets in his scenes. Rich became a member of CINTRAK in 2012.
Jeff J.
Big Cut

Biggs Yard




Greenfield Crossing

Hicktown Yard



Lewiston Grain

Muddy River

Nameless Creek


Jeff's railroad of choice is 1990's CSX, with the multitude of predecessor paint schemes. Those paint schemes include Chessie, Seaboard System, B&O and others. Jeff's favorite part of the hobby is to paint and detail rolling stock. Jeff became a member of CINTRAK in 2002.
Riley K.
Petticoat Junction

Phoebe Junction

PRR Yard

Titicaca River

David L.
Dabble Creek



Lafayette Junction



Timber Loop

Chuck M.
Strickland, WV

Chuck has been a model railroader for 22 years, and a member of CINTRAK since 2011. His favorite railroads are the Nickel Plate Road and Western Maryland. He enjoys the transition era of 1940-1964. Chuck's favorite aspect of model railroading is operations and enjoys the camaraderie it brings.
John M. John has been a member of CINTRAK since 1995. His railroad of choice is the B&O, notably from the early to mid 1960's. His favorite part about our hobby is scratch building structures, buildings and rolling stock.
Bob P.

Bob has been a CINTRAK member since 2011. His module Narragansett, Fitchburg and Boston RR depicts a fishing harbor near Boston in 1956. The module features a liftbridge, 20 ships, 80 vehicles and 500 LEDs. He has even added a soundtrack featuring harbor sounds - fog horns, buoy bells, a thuderstorm and sea gulls.
Eric P. Eric became a member of CINTRAK in 2015.
Justin S.

Hallelujah Junction

Justin is a fan of the "fallen flag" Norfolk and Western Railroad. He has taken to railroad operations and loves using the radios to communicate with "Dispatch" at our larger shows. He's even proven to be pretty good at controlling our chaos when left at the dispatcher's desk. Justin has been a member since 2011.
Tim V. Tim's favorite railroads are New York Central and Chessie System. He especially enjoys running his Popsicle Train. Tim joined CINTRAK in 2012.
Mark W.
Double Cross

Whitcomb Yard

Mark became a member of CINTRAK in 2016.
Bob W.


West Coalton

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